The remineralization is the process to add miral salts into demineralized water or condensate to get a treated water suitable for potable use.

Generally this process is performed by the dosing of more inorganic salts into the water to be treated to reach a salinity content according to the WHO reccomandation for potable use.

The installation in the photo shows a complete different process for remineralization based on the capacity of carbon dioxide to react with calcium carbonate to produce calcium bicarbonate in the treated water as happens in the natural water.

Then the process use carbon dioxide liquid ( in cylinders) that is vaporized and introduced in the water to be treated; the water is fed into filters filled by calcium carbonate. The react between carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate produce water with calcium bicarbonated.

The chemical reaction is:

CaCO3 + CO2+H2O = Ca(HCO3)2

The reaction dissolve the filters filling material and the photo shows a device for calcium bicarbonate refilling in big bags.

The plant has been delivered to an important Oil & Gas company and is located in QATAR . The system included three couples of filters; the flow rate il 50 m3/h per each filter.



Vacuum Deareator

for Oxigen Removal

Site: Italy


Stripping Tower

for H2S Removal

from Process Water

Sour Service

Internal Incoloy 825

Site: Italy





The photos shows ultrafiltration skids manufcatured with ceramic membrane for oil protections of reverse osmosis system.

Site: Kazakhstan                                            




IGF for

oil Removal

from Process Water

Sour Service

Internal Incoloy 825

Site: Kazakhstan




Oil Coalescer

Site: Suriname


Immagine 003


High Pressure


Cartridge Filter

Site: Russia