Water purification is a chemical-physical process that consists in the removal of contaminants in the raw water and subsequent treatments to obtain water suitable for domestic consumption.

Thanks to our wide experience, Idroconsulting is able to produce drinking water from:

Seawater by installing a reverse osmosis unit

Pre-treated well/river water by installing a sand + activated carbon filtration unit and a final biocide dosage

Desalinated water by installing remineralisation units (e.g. calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate)

The aim is to add hardness to desalinated water by dissolving calcium carbonate or dolomia granules, which constitutes the filters bed.
In order to dissolve the granules, water is saturated with CO2, prior to be fed to filters.
A limestone filters package has been supplied to Shell in Qatar. The package consists of three trains, each with a flow rate of 50 m3/h.