Design, supply and more

Idroconsulting is your reliable partner. Our experts are at your complete disposal starting from the engineering & design phase to after-sales.

After sales spare parts

Idroconsulting supports customers also in the afters-sales service, by providing commissioning and operation spare parts to ensure correct operation of the whole supply, guaranteeing high level of performance over the entire lifetime of the plant.


More than 40 years of know-how and technical expertise placed at our customers’ service, right from the bid stage.

On-site supervision

Idroconsulting’s skilled technicians accompany the customer in the plant start-up phase, providing all the supervision needed at site and specific training of the personnel tailored to match the clients’ needs. The training includes safety instruction, maintenance instruction (routine and extraordinary), troubleshooting and recommendation to ensure the correct operation of the plant over time.

Project management

Full management of the detailed engineering and procurement phases. Assembly of the equipment at our trusted sub-supplier workshops, supervised by our experts.