Water pretreatment package and demineralised water package in Deir Ali – Syria

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Project Description

IDC was selected by METKA for the supply to PEEGT (Public Establishment of Electricity for Generation and Transmission) of three pretreatment, potable and demineralised water production packages to be installed in Deir Ali II Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP), near Damascus, Syria.
IDC was asked to design and supply three packages suitable to produce demineralised water for turbine electricity generation from raw water, providing the whole water treatment from beginning to end, along with a source of potable water.
In detail:


The aim of the package is the removal of impurity as suspended solids from raw water, along with conditioning the water in terms of pH and free chlorine content to obtain 50 m3/h of treated water for the inlet of the demineralised water package.


The system consists of a pre-treatment by 8 CPI Unit (4+4 redundant) to remove the suspended solids and 3 Quartz Sand filters to polish the water from suspended solids. Chemicals to adjust pH, help the flocculation and to adjust the free chlorine content in the activated carbon filters outlet stream, along with a belt filter press to treat the sludge, complete the system.

The supply was completed with two small (0,5 m3/day each one) waste water treatment plants composed by monoblock systems for treating biological wastewater.

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This package has the main scope to treat the filtered water from the previous plant and produce up to 50 m3/h of demineralised water, along with a small quantity of potable water due to the lack of potable well in the surrounding.


The package consists in 2 cationic exchanger resin columns, 1 stripping tower for CO2 removal and 2 anionic exchanger resins column, followed by 2 mixed bed columns. From the stripping tower a flow of softened water is used for the remineralisation and potabilization of the water for potable use.

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Project Details

  • Our goalProvide the Client with an all-around service (from really small unit to medium high flow ones) to treat the raw water to the final requests.
  • DetailsThe Project represents an important achievement for IDC in the supply of complete solution for water treatment focused on the satisfaction of the Client’s requests.