Water and wastewater treatment package for Tengiz Oil Field

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Project Description

IDC was selected by KPJV (a joint venture between Fluor, Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas, KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS and WorleyParsons) for the supply of four water and wastewater treatment packages to be installed into the expansion Project of Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan, one of the world’s deepest supergiant oilfields in production, which is being expanded to increase the field’s crude oil production capacity further by 260,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 860,000bpd.

The expansion project is being developed on modular basis, with numerous equipment blocks for the project fabricated in South Korea, Kazakhstan and Italy, which are to be pre-assembled into modules for transportation to Tengiz for final assembly and installation.

IDC was asked to design and supply four packages suitable for installation on these specific modules, and in particular:


The aim of the package is the removal of impurity as oil traces, suspended solids and ions from raw water to obtain more than 200 m3/h of ultra-pure water, thought the installation of last innovative technologies on the market.

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The system consists of 3 ceramic ultrafiltration (UF) skids to remove oil and suspended solids, 2 trains of Reverse osmosis (RO) divided in first and second pass to remove ions down to fairly pure water (less than 4 micro S/cm as conductivity) and 2 trains of electrodeionisation (EDI) to remove the last ions and obtaining water with a conductivity of maximum 0.1 micro S/cm.

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The duty of the package is the polishing of a condensate stream to remove impurities, (mainly traces of oil), by means of an activated carbon media.

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The system consists of 3 carbon filters and 6 cartridge filters, 3 upstream and 3 downstream activated carbon filters. The upstream cartridge filters and Carbon filters are designed to polish inlet steam condensate stream (more than 450 m3/h) from impurities, while downstream cartridge filters remove possible traces of carbon powder flowing out from carbon filters with filtered condensate.


The purpose of this package is the remineralization of demineralised water through the dosage of Calcium Chloride, Sodium bicarbonate and its sterilization through the injection of sodium hypochlorite, for the production of potable water, in accordance with WHO regulations.

The package was completely pre-assembled and pre-wired at our workshops on two skids, one dedicated for installation of analysers and one for the location of the three dosing stations, each one composed by one tank and two dosing pumps.

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This package has the main scope to treat the waste water guaranteeing its dischargiability according to Kazakh environmental laws.

The package includes a waste water section for the water treatment, composed by a CPI separator, a coagulation/flocculation unit and a dissolved air flotator, for removal of oil and suspended solids.

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Sludge produced by the above section is treated and dewatered by a dedicated unit, complete with a thickener and a centrifugal decanter, with the aim to reach a sludge dry content higher than 20%.

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Project Details

  • Our goalThe most challenging requirements was to design packages suitable for their installation on metal modules and to be stored despite the very low site temperatures. Supply of all of these packages was one of our most important result, proving our financial and technical capabilities also against a so big Project and this remarkable supply.