Waste water package and cooling water filtration in Brazi – Romania

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Project Description

IDC was selected by METKA, a leading international EPC contractor undertaking the development and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, for the supply of a waste water treatment and a water filtration package to OMV BRAZI CCPP. The packages were installed in a Combined Cycle Power Plant located next to the existing refinery. The site is in the municipality of Brazi, which is situated is approximately 40 km north of Bucharest, Romania.

IDC has been involved for the design, construction and supply of two packages suitable to treat the industrial (non biological) waste water of the plant and to filter the main cooling water streams from the cooling towers. In detail:


The aim of the package is to treat different plant drains (non biological) and remove the suspended solids, conditioning the water before the discharge to the civil drain.

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The system consists of an equalization basin to collect the different stream and where the water pH is monitored and adjust by chemicals dosing (sulphuric acid or caustic soda).

Further the waste water is pumped to a coagulation basin, continually mixed and added with ferric chloride to improve the particle adhesion and allow help the flocks to be bigger and heavier.

The sludge production starts in clari-flocculator basin thanks to polyelectrolyte dosage, then the sludge is sent and treated by a filterpress to obtain a high concentration in solid cake and recover water.

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This package has the main scope to treat the cooling water (more than 1000 m3/h) from the cooling towers and remove trace of suspended solids (TSS content: 25 ÷ 5 ppm) in order to avoid waste of water still usable.

The package consists in 4 horizontal Quartz Sand filters and all the necessary equipment for automatic functioning and backwash, like pumps and air blowers.

The raw water flow through the filter medium under pumped pressure and suspend solids are trapped in the sand bed. During the normal operation the filter is more and more clog up and when the set DP value is reached starts the backwash cycle to clean the filter.

The first step is a washing whit air to a firstly scrubbing of the filter. The second step is water backwashing to remove the trapped particles. The third step is water rinse to remove all the eventual remaining traces of solids from the sand filter.

After the cleaning the filter will be put in service.

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Project Details

  • Our goalProvide the Client an automatic package to fulfil the required performance. The most challenging aspect was to contain the footprint of the filtration package despite the large size of filters and ancillaries necessary to treat the high water flow.
  • DetailsThis project demonstrate once again how IDC is able to accept the challenges imposed by the industrial market and achieve successfully the performance, leveraging on its technical expertise gained in more than 40 years.