Sanitary sewer treatment plant package

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Project Description

Dodsal Engineering and Construction Pte. Limited selected IDC for the supply of a sanitary water treatment to be installed in Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant (HSGP) Project conducted by GASCO (Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd).

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The purpose of Sanitary Sewage Treatment Plant is to collect and treat sewage water in order to reuse it as irrigation water.

To achieve this the water is collected in an equalisation basin, then divided in two independent parallels streams, where the sewage water is treated by activated sludge. The clarified water is added with sodium hypochlorite for sterilisation, filtered in dualmedia filters and then sent to the battery limit.

An ancillary treatment is due for the sludge produced by the clarification. The sludge is thickened and then is moved to dewatering beds.


The package includes the following main units:

  • No 8 air blowers for the aeration and air-lift functioning of the sewage treatment stations;
  • No. 2 static thickener to concentrate the sludge form the sanitary stations;
  • No. 2 Chemicals dosing system for disinfection, for a total of 6 dosing pumps;
  • No. 4 water pumps to perform the service and the automatic backwash of the dual media filters;
  • No. 6 dual media filters (quartz sand and anthracite) to polish the water.
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Project Details

  • Our goalThe most important aspect of this plant is the processing of the sewage water to obtain water with suitable characteristics for agricultural irrigation.
  • DetailsThe water reuse is a topic more and more important and provides a unique and viable opportunity to augment traditional water supplies. Effective water reuse plants can help to close the loop between water supply and wastewater disposal.