Potable water and sewage packages in Kashagan field development

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Project Description

IDC was selected by AGIP KDPC (Kazakhstan North Caspian Operating Company) for the supply of two potable water and wastewater treatment packages to be installed into the Kashagan field – Experimental program Project in Kazakhstan. A combination of both offshore and onshore processing facilities connected by pipelines to the onshore oil and gas processing facilities near Caspian Sea.

IDC was asked to design and supply two packages suitable for installation inside buildings, and in particular:


The aim of the package is the removal of impurity as suspended solids from raw water, along with conditioning the water in terms of pH and free chlorine content to obtain more than 50 m3/h of potable water for the distribution in the whole camp.

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The system consists of a pretreatment by a common flocculation tank and a group of 2 settling tanks in parallel that increase the flexibility of the system to remove the suspended solids.

There are also 2 Quartz Sand filters to polish the water from suspended solids larger than 20 microns and 2 Activated carbon filters to remove residual organic matter and eliminate eventual bad taste from the water stream. Chemicals to adjust pH, help the flocculation and adjust the free chlorine content on the carbon filters outlet complete the system.

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This package has the main scope to treat the waste water guaranteeing its dischargiability according to Kazakh environmental laws.

The package includes a waste water section for the biological waste water treatment, mainly composed by a equalisation basin, three aeration basins where is performed the oxidation by air and a coagulation/flocculation unit.

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Sludge produced by the above section is treated and dewatered by a dedicated unit, complete with a thickener and a belt press, with the aim to reach a higher sludge dry content.

Water from the coagulation, flocculation is treated by Quartz Sand filters and then discharged in a artificial pond.

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All the atmosphere inside the closed basins and clarifier is extracted and treated by Activated carbon deodorizing system.

Project Details

  • Our goalThe most challenging requirements was to design packages suitable for the installation inside already constructed buildings and avoiding any underground structure, along with the need to avoid any smelling and polluted atmosphere exiting in the building.
  • DetailsSupply of these packages was one of our most important result in terms of flexibility and finding specific solution tailor made for the Client. The process automation is performed by a PLC, included in the IDC scope of supply, that manage and control all the plant variation (inlet water characteristics and flowrate, air volume for the aeration, etc.) with the aim to keep high performances and guaranteeing long plant operation lifespam