Container solution for water treatment

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Project Description

One of the most important service company operating in Oil & gas for more than 40 years selected IDC for the supply of an R.O. plant for fresh and demineralised water production to be installed in In Amenas Project, in Algeria.

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The raw water coming from wells is filtered to remove suspended solids with particle size greater than 2 mm, then is send to the three containers for fresh and demi water production. The equipment were be housed in standard sized containers with chemical dosing system separated from the treatment system.

The strict ambient condition of the Algerian desert led to the decision to place the whole plant in containers, supplied with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system and complete with a dedicated control panel to control and manage the plant operation.

Since the plant has to work within a defined temperature range, this solution was necessary to allow the proper working condition, guaranteeing the process performances and the correct plant life.


The Fresh and Demineralised Water Treatment Package includes the following main units:

  • No 2 Quartz Sand filters to maintain integrity and performance of the R.O. system; automatic type;
  • No. 2 Backwash pumps for Quartz Sand filter cleaning;
  • No. 1 Chemicals dosing system for disinfection, pH adjustment and antiscaling on R.O. units;
  • No. 3 RO HP pumps to feed the No. 2 R.O. unit banks for the production of 60 m3/h of fresh water and 15 m3/h of demi water;
  • No. 1 mobile cleaning in place unit (CIP) complete with tank, pumps and all the relevant accessories.

The plant (with exception of backwash water tank, sand filters section and RO cleaning system) has been supplied completely pre-mounted and pre-wired inside containers, heat insulated and with redundant air conditioning and internal lighting system.

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Project Details

  • Our goalThe most challenging requirements was to fit the complete system in the reduced space keeping high performances, important precondition to ensure the plant operation, despite the site temperatures. This project is an important achievement for IDC that demonstrate our skills and our flexibility to satisfy the Client’s requests even for non-standard solution.
  • DetailsThanks to our experience and our problem-solving attitude, both gained in more than 40 years in water treatment plants, we met the all the technical requirements, minimizing the CapEx for the end customer and reducing the installation and start-up activities on site.