Condensate Treatment – Big players challenge

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Project Description

Shell Singapore branch has contracted Idroconsulting to supply a Condensate treatment package for a Petrochemical complex in Singapore.

The plant is fed normally by contaminated return condensate or in transitory situation by low purity water and the main purpose is to feed back the plant boilers circuit to minimize the water consumption of make-up water.

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The cartridge filters have been supplied to protect the mixed bed exchangers, removing the eventual suspended solid in the inlet stream due to corrosion phenomena. The ion exchange resins remove traces of dissolved solids from water to have high quality condensate.


The condensate treatment plant includes the following main units:

  • No 2 Cartridge filters
  • No. 2 Polishing mixed beds, automatic type
  • No. 1 low pressure blowers skid for resin mixing
  • No. 1 waste neutralisation tank with pumps
  • No. 1 dosing and storage system for acid and caustic soda used for mixed bed regeneration and waste neutralization
  • No. 1 regeneration demi water tank with pumps

The plant is complete with all the necessaries electrical and hydraulic connection and the required automation as pneumatic valves and instruments.

The condensate treatment system has been designed with a 2 @ 100% stand-by philosophy. When the analysers installed on the outlet of the mixed bed column in service detect a conductivity value higher than set one, it is necessary to regenerate the mixed bed because the resins are exhausted and would not be able to guarantee the required water quality.

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At this point, the column that was in stand-by becomes in operation while the first one starts the regeneration sequence.

Project Details

  • Our goalIdroconsulting is used to working with EPCs and end customers who have decades of experience in the petrochemical market. Being able to meet strict specifications and very demanding requirements highlights our experience and reliability, both gained from 1977 to nowadays.
  • DetailsThe automatic system allows a constant and regular production of treated water. While a unit is working, the other is in standby or in regeneration. This is due to the regeneration sequence, which, unlike other treatments, involves longer times and many phases such as backwashing, chemical dosages, rinsing and mixing with air. Correct regeneration of ion exchange resins is necessary in order to obtain the desired performance and to have adequate work cycles.